Saturday, May 23, 2009

Reliable Clothes Washers

There are a variety of clothes washers out on the market and this is an attempt to simplify your next laundry purchase. The first step is to decide on whether you would like a traditional top-load washer or upgrade to a much more energy efficient front-load washer. Then decide what you have budgeted to spend on a new clothes washer. The top-load washer varies in capacity from 3.0 cu. ft to 5.0 cu.ft. The average size top-load washer is 3.5 cu.ft which you will find with most of the major appliance brand manufactures. The largest size is available from Whirlpool Corporation which makes easy to wash bulky items and king size comforters. The average size front-load washer is 4.0 cu.ft. and will easily accommodate bulky items and comforters.

Miele offers the only washer on the market tested by independent research institute to last twenty years. This is about double industry standard for most clothes washers on the market. They also offer the best warranty 5 years parts and labor when installed by Miele certified technician. Electrolux one of the new players in the front-load washer market offers the largest capacity and a great suspension for second floor installation.

Whirlpool has dominated the top-load market with the introduction of its Tier III high efficiency Cabrio Washer. The 5.0 cu.ft washer meets government standards for Tier III efficiency better than some of the front-load washers available. The New Jersey residents can take advantage of a government rebate for all Tier III high efficiency washers. Bosch currently has a great promotion for free pedestals on select models of their high efficiency washers.

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